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UptimeHealth delivers innovative solutions for outpatient equipment management, enhancing compliance and operational effectiveness with advanced technology.
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Manage your devices. Get complete oversight of all connected devices from a single platform.

Device Management
Keep track of all your devices across each location with detailed, up-to-date information.
Proactive Maintenance
Maximize device uptime with our all-encompassing maintenance and repair automations, addressing both routine and emergency needs.
Advanced Analytics and Forecasting
Leverage powerful analytics to forecast equipment needs, track key metrics, and make informed decisions for efficient facility management.
Seamless Technician
Connect effortlessly with skilled technicians through our marketplace, ensuring high-quality maintenance and repairs for your medical devices.

Check off your list. Streamline operations, and elevate productivity seamlessly.

Streamlined Task Organization
Simplify and prioritize your operational tasks with our user-friendly task organizer, enhancing workflow efficiency.
Efficient Task Assignment
Assign tasks to the right team members effortlessly, ensuring timely completion and accountability.
Comprehensive Compliance Monitoring
Stay on top of compliance with our centralized dashboard, designed for real-time monitoring of compliance-related tasks.
Advanced Task Tracking
Track and report on task progress in real-time, ensuring enhanced accountability and timely task completion.

Stay prepared. Navigate compliance confidently, meeting regulations effortlessly.

Complete Compliance Overview
Gain a clear and comprehensive view of your compliance status across all operations, enhancing oversight and preparedness.
Detailed Compliance Reporting
Generate in-depth compliance reports easily for audits and regulatory adherence, ensuring complete transparency.
Automated Alerts
Stay ahead with automated alerts for compliance deadlines and requirements, minimizing the risk of non-compliance.
Instant Access to Essential Documents
Access important documents like IFUs, SDSs, and more with ease, streamlining your compliance and information management.

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