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Comprehensive equipment management, compliance solutions, and on-demand technicians at your fingertips.

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Maximize equipment investments with accurate trend forecasting
Maximize uptime, minimize losses - from maintenance to repairs, we've got you covered
Utilize the data to help you make informed decisions and plan ahead

One dashboard for all your analytics and reporting

Track performance and create reports from one intuitive analytics dashboard.

Facilities at Your Fingertips

Manage resources and reduce inefficiencies by centralizing reporting, tracking and analyzing data across all of your facilities.

Streamline Operations

Unify your internal processes, boost team engagement, and enhance compliance strategies with one platform.

Actionable Insights

Revamp your device management strategy with a single, streamlined solution. Gain lightning-fast insights with automatic reports that matter most.

Repair vs. Replace

Make informed decisions on whether to invest in repairing or replacing your equipment, and optimize your buying power.

Supercharge your devices

Analyze and store devices with efficiency

Manually creating reports that just sit on your computer isn't going to work anymore. Get complete oversight of all connected devices from a single platform.

Device Management
  • Keep track of all your devices across each location with detailed, up-to-date information.
  • Easily search for device details and filter them to match your specific needs.
  • Receive automatic notifications for device status updates, maintenance schedules, and service events.
Track key metrics
  • Monitor maintenance task reports, equipment, and contracts to forecast future spend, and optimize facility management.
  • Customize the analytics dashboard for advanced reporting on equipment performance and asset value.
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing systems to improve data transfer, automate processes, and reduce expenses.

A centralized hub for all your internal processes

Deliver direction that resonates with your team. Keep track of what is working and increase operational transparency.

Task Management
  • Build customized tasks related to operations and compliance.
  • Complete tasks with real-time tracking and data reporting.
  • Pull reports to analyze task data and optimize workflow.
Collaborate with Teams
  • Tag tasks to standard teams for collaborative completion.
  • Divide staff into custom teams for efficient task assignment.
  • Track team performance and history through team profiles.

Protect your business investments with our technician marketplace

Our proactive technicians are experts in providing preventative maintenance and repairs to extend the lifespan of your devices, protecting your investment and ensuring optimal performance.

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Work Order Tracking
  • Submit work orders quickly and easily through our online portal, including detailed information about the issue.
  • Stay up-to-date on the status of your work order with real-time updates and automatic notifications.
  • View detailed information about your work orders, including notes and attachments.
Technician Management
  • Keep all of your technician vendors organized in one place, including their contact information and qualifications.
  • Assign technicians to specific devices for efficient service management.
  • View technician performance history and evaluations to ensure quality service.
Service Vendor Marketplace
  • Quickly search our service vendor marketplace to find qualified technicians.
  • View technician profiles, ratings, and customer feedback before adding them to your portal.
  • Add new technicians to your portal with just a few clicks.

Connecting the healthcare ecosystem

By connecting you with over 30+ partners who offer any service imaginable, we are establishing ourselves as a brand that is here to use our collective power.

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