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Welcome to the new era of healthcare equipment management. At UptimeHealth, we blend cutting-edge technology with our deep understanding of healthcare needs to offer you unparalleled equipment management solutions.
Powering 1000+ Facilities
Core features

Efficient healthcare management is just a click away.

Flexible device management, scalable solutions, unwavering support commitment,
and more.
Comprehensive Device Tracking
Easily monitor all your devices across multiple locations. Our system provides detailed, up-to-date information ensuring you're always informed.
Predictive Analytics
Monitor maintenance tasks, equipment, and contracts to forecast future spending and optimize facility management.
Robust Work Order System
Address equipment issues efficiently with our robust work order system, designed to streamline the resolution process.
Customized Task Management
Tailor tasks to your specific operational and compliance needs. Generate personalized tasks, ensuring your facility's unique requirements are met.
Cloud-Based Documentation
Access all essential documents, like IFUs, SDSs, policies, procedures, and device manuals, from our secure, cloud-based platform.
Integration and Automation
Embrace the power of automation with our tools that work simultaneously to replace manual processes.
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