Dental Innovation Alliance (DIA) is at the forefront of the dental industry's technological transformation. Recognizing that approximately 18-20% of U.S. dental practices are backed by Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) or similar entities, DIA acknowledges the growing trend and the emergence of over 500 early-stage dental technology companies. These companies aim to enhance clinical outcomes, treatment efficiency, practice profitability, and growth.

DIA stands out as a pivotal player in this evolution, offering unmatched access to DSOs and their most influential stakeholders. With a history of leading some of the most renowned Dental Support Organizations, DIA represents potential access to over 5,300 dental offices across the United States. By pooling their resources, they provide both capital and a well-connected network to entrepreneurs, ensuring a strategic edge in bringing their products to the market swiftly.

Furthermore, DIA's managing partners have been lauded for their profound understanding of the dental industry and their ability to provide startups with invaluable time and energy savings. They support early-stage dental technology companies, including SaaS, devices, and therapeutics, by offering direct access to their established connections with DSOs, strategic guidance, counsel, and capital. In addition, DIA collaborates with a broad network of investors, advisors, industry groups, and co-investors to address dentistry's most urgent challenges, fostering revenue growth and improved margins.

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