Dental Compliance Institute

Dental Compliance Institute

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The Dental Compliance Institute (DCI) is uniquely qualified to ensure that your Compliance Coordinator is fully up to date with the latest, rapidly changing HIPAA and OSHA Regulations and the essentials of dental risk management

Since 2014, the Dental Compliance Institute (DCI) has provided dental professionals, including dentists, hygienists, assistants, and office managers with comprehensive and up to date training, education, and certification regarding OSHA and HIPAA regulations as well as dental risk management.

Our advisor, Linda Harvey, is the President of DCI. Linda brings more than thirty years of experience in providing dental professionals with regulatory and risk management guidance and training. Her unique credentials and expertise elevate the quality of the comprehensive curriculum. Ultimately, this enables dentists and their teams to significantly reduce risk and legal liability in a rapidly changing regulatory environment.

To learn more about DCI and all they have to offer, visit:

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