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Increasing Adherence and Satisfaction with Provider-focused Technology

Health technologies today are innumerable, so how do you know that you've found the best one? UptimeHealth is a new-age health technology that is looking to help you provide the best care possible for your patients and improve efficiency for your team members. 

Mobile Healthcare Is Here To Stay: How To Get Your Skin In The Game

Mobile healthcare is gaining a lot of popularity these days. Having a doctor or dentist come to your home felt a lot safer to some people than going to a crowded office during the pandemic. Just as importantly, mobile dentistry and healthcare services are far more accessible to a lot of people than going to an office. 

UptimeHealth Partners With Effex

UptimeHealth, a leading medical equipment management and task management platform for healthcare practitioners, is pleased to announce it has integrated with Effex to provide a seamless experience for managing OSHA and HIPAA compliance.

5 Things You Should Know Before Opening an Urgent Care

How can you avoid the most common mistakes and get your newly open urgent care off to a great start? Here’s all you should know.

If You're Thinking About Switching Dental Software-Read this First!

Having a good dental software system in your office is important for keeping your schedule organized, minimizing the amount of time spent on administrative tasks, and even communicating what your patients need during appointments...

Welcome Holly Martin

Holly Martin is the Strategic Account Manager at Solmetex, LLC. She is responsible for training dental staff and office dealers on amalgam waste regulations...

How Does Maintaining my Dental Equipment Improve Re-sell Value?

The reality is, there is a booming market for all forms of pre-owned medical equipment in excellent condition. Atlas Resell offers an efficient networking platform for health experts with a ready market by shipping cast-off medical products to various parts of the world...

The Power of Partnerships Between Technology and Finance

With the healthcare industry quickly evolving in a patient-centered direction, more and more patients are gravitating towards dental facilities that offer innovative treatments and services...
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