Matching Vision with Visuals: Our Rebranding Journey

Matching Vision with Visuals: Our Rebranding Journey

Every startup redefines itself as it grows and matures in its journey to become a company. That journey is no different for UptimeHealth. When UptimeHealth was initially conceived by its founders, Jinesh Patel and Bill Olsen, the idea was to build a tool that would automate medical equipment services support through a network of biomedical technicians. They wanted to build something for the future. As they witnessed healthcare shift from a predominantly inpatient, health system-based care model to an outpatient care model, they felt it was imperative to ensure that all the equipment making the same journey to local communities was properly managed. Building a software platform to allow providers to seamlessly understand what equipment they owned, what they needed to do to keep it up and running and compliant with regulatory practices, and easily dispatch support in the event of a breakdown was the core vision.

Overtime, the company expanded its offerings to accomplish its vision. Today, UptimeHealth is much more than a simple equipment management tool. It offers:

  • A task engine to remotely manage and monitor compliance
  • Universal connectivity to medical devices to alert on and report equipment statuses and errors
  • Warranty and contract expiration tracking
  • Data analytics to support repair vs replace decisions
  • Enterprise level financial reporting on items like depreciation and capital equipment planning
  • Integrations capabilities to send data to other ERP and business intelligence tools

Because the company is constantly evolving, we believe our brand should too. UptimeHealth’s old logo and branding was developed by Jinesh Patel. In the early days, he believed the blue gear and the heart encompassed the brand perfectly. It said, “we are here to support healthcare providers with better tools for equipment service management”. That no longer tells the whole story.

Today, we are unveiling a new brand and identity for UptimeHealth. The new look was a collective effort. Spearheaded by the leadership, informed by the community, and voted on by the entire company. UptimeHealth is more than two founders believing in an idea.

UptimeHealth is a community of amazing people, clients, investors, and advisors who have helped shape it into what it is today and what it will become. It’s just more.

The new brand is a representation of our journey. Below is the meaning:

  • The Heart: The heart encapsulates our core value of “We Care”. We care about our clients, employees, the work we do, and most importantly, the impact our product has on patient care and safety.
  • The Waveform: The wave form through the heart represents “Healthcare” and a living company. Our primary focus has always been to serve the entire healthcare industry.
  • The Data Points: There are two data points inside and two data points outside the heart. The two data points on the inside represent UptimeHealth’s ability to create its own data and analytics. The two data points on the outside represent the products capability to connect to external tools, devices, and databases. Communicating with and sharing information with external sources increases the power of the product and its benefit to the ecosystem.
  • Color Gradient: We chose to go from a color gradient of blue to magenta. The transition in colors signifies our journey. Where we started (blue) and our progress to something new, bright, and exciting. We are never stagnant and always adapting to whatever the future holds.

We are looking forward to what is next. Thank you for being a part of our story.