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7 Tools to Transform Your Urgent Care Into an On-Demand Marketplace

7 Tools to Transform Your Urgent Care Into an On-Demand Marketplace

The coronavirus pandemic impacted many aspects of modern life, including how we provide and receive healthcare. With many urgent care facilities closed to patients without life-threatening illnesses and injuries, on-demand care, a type of healthcare service that utilizes the ubiquity of advanced technology and internet connections, rose to prominence. 

And though the coronavirus pandemic is largely behind us (the worst of it, at least), on-demand care is here to stay, thanks in large to the convenience it provides and the receptiveness of the public to this type of service. 

Today, urgent care healthcare providers can make the shift to on-demand care more easily than ever before, and that’s due to the abundance of on-demand software available on the market. In this blog, we’ll run through seven of the best that’ll help to streamline the process and ensure your facility can deliver first-rate healthcare on demand. 


Uptime Health is a powerful tool that can do a wide variety of tasks that’ll help to streamline your operations, save money, and provide better care to your patients. We’d go as far as saying that it’s an essential tool for all urgent care facilities due to the sheer number of tasks that it can do. 

Expertly designed with the end user in mind, it offers an intuitive look and feel and offers real results. Improving your efficiency, simplifying your documentation control, and ensuring your equipment stays working for longer than ever has never been so easy.


Experity is there to make running an urgent care business easier than ever. It offers plenty of features that can help healthcare providers improve, but its standout feature is how it utilizes the large amounts of data that on-demand marketplaces create. With that data in your back pocket, you’ll be able to deliver better value and performance to your patients. 


Prognocis has won plenty of plaudits due to the flexibility and improved performance that it offers healthcare providers. While you’ll find that the ‘out of the box’ version is effective, the true power of Prognocis lies in its high levels of customization. If you need to have custom workflows, EMR templates and other features, then you’ll find that Prognocis has just what you’re looking for. Indeed, whatever you need your on-demand software to do, you’ll likely find that you can do it with Prognocis. 


On-demand healthcare providers that are increasingly focusing on telehealth appointments will find that there’s much to love about VSee. The software offers plenty, including the ability to streamline payments and automate insurance eligibility. They also sell medical devices and wearables, which allow providers to offer superior healthcare to their patients. 

The software comes out of the box, and since there’s no coding required, it’s possible to be up and running within a few hours. 


Collectly was designed to make the money aspect of healthcare easier than ever. Its main focus is to improve patient cash flow, but it does more than that. The software benefits both healthcare providers and patients — the latter particularly benefits from the live chat support provided by the software, which ensures that they can get their questions answered without having to wait in a call queue. 

Zoom for Healthcare

Zoom became the go-to software of choice during the pandemic, allowing families and friends to stay connected in a meaningful way. Now, they’ve entered the healthcare game. Zoom for Healthcare is exactly what it sounds like — it takes all the good elements of Zoom and incorporates a healthcare focus, allowing providers to better connect with their patients and staff. 


eClinicalWorks has been around for some time — indeed, it was around well before the pandemic. But the software has evolved with the times, and today offers a range of great features that’ll benefit on-demand healthcare providers. The software is highly flexible, with access possible to a range of services from anywhere that has an internet connection. One of the main features of the software is Eva, the software’s virtual assistant that can automate a range of time-consuming tasks. 


There’s more to transforming your urgent care into an on-demand marketplace than simply downloading some software, of course, but you’ll very much find that it can make the task much, much easier. If you’re ready to get started on your journey, then be sure to get in touch to schedule a free consultation with us here at UptimeHealth.We’re confident that you’ll join our long list of happy customers once you’ve seen what our software can do for you. 

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