UptimeHealth is excited to announce a partnership with NDC, Inc., a leading provider of software that supports independent healthcare distributors as well as healthcare product manufacturers. UptimeHealth, based in Boston, MA, provides fast-growing medical device companies with automation tools and predictive analytics so they can better serve local market needs. This partnership will combine UptimeHealth’s expertise in optimizing medical device service events and purchases with NDC's understanding of local market needs so both parties’ members benefit from a streamlined process for buying and servicing their devices.

“NDC is pleased to partner with UptimeHealth, one of the latest innovative platforms to enter the dental market. The software will assist our members with tracking medical device service events, preventative maintenance, calibration, and compliance. NDC believes in providing its members with intuitive software solutions, and we look forward to this partnership with UptimeHealth which will help enhance the dental industry.”said Lori Paulson, Chief Commercial Officer, Dental & Speciality Markets at NDC, Inc.

“We are thrilled to officially be a part of NDC and look forward to working with their members. Our partnership with NDC will provide members the ability to streamline the process for maintaining and managing their devices, while providing access to data that can improve their bottom line. “said, Taylor Dunn, Director of Strategic Growth at UptimeHealth

NDC has become a key factor in the growth of medical distribution and manufacturing and a partnership with UptimeHealth allows NDC to continue delivering efficiency to healthcare.

About UptimeHealth

UptimeHealth, headquartered in Boston, is a fast-growing software company that empowers providers to make patients’ lives better. The company focuses on providing healthcare administrators and operators with simple-to-use software to manage compliance tasks, improve access to actionable data to increase operational efficiencies, and tap into the largest network of qualified biomed technicians to support their medical devices. UptimeHealth products were developed to support the movement of health care to in-home and outpatient settings.

Learn more at uptimehealth.com.

About NDC, Inc.

Founded in 1953, NDC provides creative healthcare supply chain solutions to over 1,400 distributors and nearly 400 manufacturers – the largest network of healthcare distributors in North America. With a strategically located distribution center in Tennessee, NDC serves the acute care, physician, extended care, dental, physical therapy, homecare and animal health markets through our robust network of distributors. NDC also offers a specialized collection of business services and tailored marketing tools to help meet customers’ evolving needs.

Learn more at www.ndc-inc.com.

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