- UptimeHealth, a groundbreaking leader in medical equipment maintenance and facility management, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Inspired Hygiene, a renowned company that focuses on elevating dental hygiene teams' performance and patient experience. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the healthcare industry, as both companies join forces to enhance operational efficiency and elevate patient care standards.

Together, UptimeHealth and Inspired Hygiene aim to create a powerful synergy that will elevate dental facilities' performance across the board. UptimeHealth and Inspired Hygiene's partnership enables healthcare facilities to invest equally in technology through equipment management and compliance tracking while providing their teams with the tools and training needed for exceptional patient care. The collaboration offers a comprehensive approach, fostering efficiency and patient-centered excellence.

“We are excited to embark on this transformative journey alongside Inspired Hygiene. By optimizing both our cutting-edge equipment management and empowering dental teams, we create a powerful trickle-down effect. When our equipment and teams perform at their highest potential, patients reap the ultimate benefit—a seamless and elevated healthcare experience that truly puts their well-being first. -Jinesh Patel, Co-Founder and CEO of UptimeHealth

“Dental Hygienists know well the time and attention it takes to maintain clinical equipment to properly and safely deliver high-quality care. UptimeHealth is a natural fit for our clients to improve consistency and efficiency in tracking compliance and equipment performance. I’m excited about partnering with UptimeHealth and their dedicated team to bring an added level of support to our clients” -Rachel Wall, Founder and CEO of Inspired Hygiene

About UptimeHealth:

UptimeHealth is a revolutionary company that is transforming the way medical equipment is maintained and facilities are managed. Through device connectivity, device management, compliance tracking, ongoing support, and advanced analytics, UptimeHealth empowers healthcare facilities to optimize their medical equipment performance, reduce downtime, and increase revenue. 

To learn more, visit uptimehealth.com.

About Inspired Hygiene: 

Inspired Hygiene has a proven track record of helping dental teams create hygiene-driven results that elevate the patient experience and the hygienists’ role in healthcare in a profitable hygiene department. We partner with dentists, practice owners and their teams to help them elevate their hygiene services, systems and profits.

To learn more, visit inspiredhygiene.com

To contact BEST for Dentistry, interested parties can visit their website at bestfordentistry.com.