HealthStream Ventures is a dynamic entity that capitalizes on the synergy of people and innovative ideas within the dental and healthcare sectors. Comprising practitioners, owners, operators, founders, and investors, the team at HealthStream Ventures brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, having navigated numerous challenges within these industries.

The foundation of HealthStream Ventures is built on the collective experiences of its members. They believe that by sharing access to optimal methods, risk analyses, and other essential resources, they can significantly enhance success rates. This consolidated approach has positioned HealthStream as a trusted advisory for many leading middle-market companies in healthcare and dental sectors.

Their services encompass:

  1. Strategic Advisory: HealthStream focuses on building long-term trust with its clients. They cater to mature clients looking for immediate transactions and those in their early stages aiming to be well-prepared for future deals.
  2. Equity & Debt Advisory: The leadership and finance partners at HealthStream collaborate with exceptional management teams and entrepreneurs to foster leading healthcare businesses. They provide growth capital to Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) or Management Service Organizations (MSOs) and fund innovations for startups in the dental and healthcare sectors, ranging from Angel to Round A companies.
  3. Mergers & Acquisitions: HealthStream stands out as the only advisory firm in the dental market that amalgamates healthcare investment banking, corporate DSO operational & development expertise, and hands-on experience in forming and owning group dental practices and platforms.

Specifically, HealthStream Ventures specializes in sectors like DSO & Group Practice Growth Capital, Dental & Medical Innovations, and growth and innovations in Cosmedic Dermatology, Med Spa, and Plastic Surgery.

In essence, HealthStream Ventures is dedicated to helping organizations identify and achieve their goals by leveraging their profound expertise as owners, operators, and investors in the healthcare and dental sectors.

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