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Atlas Resell

Atlas Resell Management is a versatile company that is continually focused on the difficult task of discovering and creating value in the niche market of pre-owned medical equipment.

In this ocean of idle, unused assets, we’ve developed specialized methods to sort, analyze, and add value in revolutionary ways.

At the heart of this revolution is the Resell Management Cycle. Used equipment leaves one owner, is sorted and has value added to it through repairs, marketing, and competitive pricing, and is sold to a happy new owner.

"We are so thrilled to be partnering with Uptime Health. Our mission of adding value to the used medical/dental equipment space for both buyers and sellers aligns so well with Uptime Health's innovative equipment management platform. In Uptime Health we have found a partner that shares our values, and drive, to make the equipment management/disposition space less burdensome for our customers. Atlas Resell looks forward to continuing our goal of being the safest place to buy and sell used medical and dental equipment online with Uptime Health." - Mason Fuller, CEO


Jumpstart your device tracking and leave the heavy lifting to us!

Our comprehensive jumpstart program takes care of the entire onboarding process, so you can focus on running your business.
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Facility Onboarding
We identify the facilities to be onboarded and ensure a smooth transition
Onsite Equipment Evaluation
Our technicians evaluate all information assets onsite to provide tailored services
Customized Platform Demonstration
We offer a demonstration of your customized platform, showcasing its capabilities and benefits.
User Training and Transition
Our customer support team provides in-depth user training and ensures a smooth transition to our automated platform.