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UptimeHealth works with local biomed technicians to make it easy for you to find the support you need to run your healthcare facility.

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The Top Medical Equipment Repair Technicians in Orlando

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EDGE Biomed

Wendy Argueta

617 Bradley Court, Franklin, Tennessee 37067, United States

Many companies claim superior customer service and give lip service to customers “getting what they want.” At Edge, we live this focus on the customer. Biomedical service is often an afterthought, and usually is associated with a problem or inconvenience. That is why we started Edge Biomed…to solve problems.

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OMI MedTechs

Chris Mitchell

3400 St. Johns Parkway, Sanford, Florida 32771, United States

Providing local medical equipment service on imaging and biomed devices and suppling operating room equipment including booms, surgical lights, medical grade monitors, and biomed equipment

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10084 NW 53rd St, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33351, United States

Our goal at Proendoscopy is to help you win happy and healthy patients by repairing the endoscopy rigid or flexible tools you need to serve them. We choose to let our work speak for itself and allow our loyal customers to serve as our main promoters. At our endoscopy center of operations, we focus on quality endoscope repairs and delivery of the finest equipment for the best price. Let us prove how our serviced product speaks for itself. We are so confident in our craft that we offer 120 day guarantee! Contact us today to experience how ProEndoscopy is raising the standards!

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Inter Bio-Lab Inc.

2251 Consulate Drive, Orlando, Florida 32837, United States

"Inter Bio-Lab, Inc. is recognized as an international provider of high-grade renovated and new diagnostic, laboratory instrumentation.

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Expert Repair Services

Having the right qualified and trained technicians working for you can reduce errors, increase the efficiency of the repair, help you maintain warranty, and keep you compliant with your regulatory bodies.

Why is finding a qualified and reliable biomedical technician so important?

Biomedical technicians (BMETs) carry out a range of critical rolesfor healthcare organizations including installation, inspection, and repair ofmedical equipment, as well as calibration of these devices.

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