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Get your broken medical equipment fixed or schedule your next inspection and planned maintenance events. UptimeHealth works with local biomed technicians to make it easy for you to find the support you need to run your healthcare facility.

Biomedical technicians (BMETs) carry out a range of critical rolesfor healthcare organizations including installation, inspection, and repair ofmedical equipment, as well as calibration of these devices.

Why is finding a qualified and reliable biomedical technician so important?

The Top Medical Equipment Repair Technicians in Miami

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EDGE Biomed

Wendy Argueta

617 Bradley Court, Franklin, Tennessee 37067, United States

Many companies claim superior customer service and give lip service to customers “getting what they want.” At Edge, we live this focus on the customer. Biomedical service is often an afterthought, and usually is associated with a problem or inconvenience. That is why we started Edge Biomed…to solve problems.

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Barja Medical Equipment

7205 Northwest 68th Street, Miami, Florida 33166, United States

Barja Medical has been a worldwide provider of new, used and refurbished medical equipment. We carry medical equipment and medical supplies for hospitals, clinics, doctors, laboratories and other healthcare professionals. We offer thousands of new, used and refurbished medical products on our website. We are an authorized distributor for hundreds of major medical equipment manufacturers.

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Gamma Medical Equipment, Inc

4884 SW 74th Ct, Miami, Florida 33155, United States

We buy and sell New, Refurbished & Used Medical Equipment.

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Medilab Global Corp.

11921 Southwest 130th Street, Miami, Florida 33186, United States

Medilab Global is a wholesaler and distributor based in Miami that sells all types of Imaging, medical and laboratory equipment and supplies. Our equipment can be used, or refurbished. We ship Worldwide. Turnkey Projects. HABLAMOS ESPANOL.

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The Medical Equipment Repair Technicians in your neighborhood.

Having the right qualified and trained technicians working for you can reduce errors, increase the efficiency of the repair, help you maintain warranty, and keep you compliant with your regulatory bodies.

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Common Questions About Medical Equipment Repair Technicians In Miami

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