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Plan, engage, and analyze with ease and transform the efficiency of your office.
We'll Keep You Compliant

The proof is in the tasks.

UptimeHealth helps our clients to better prepare for accreditation and overall compliance by providing a simple workflow from intake to complete documentation.


Take your office task management to the next level.

Monitor Compliance & Staff Performance

Regulatory standards keeping you up at night?
Now you can check your compliance scores across all locations in real-time on the compliance dashboard and see staff performance ensuring you are always prepared for surprise surveys.

Team Up to Improve Your Staff's Productivity

Give your staff the right tools to succeed with our digital checklist. Our platform allows you and your staff to communicate tasks and updates in real-time. It is our goal to allow for more transparency between business owner and staff member.

Create Customized Tasks

Finally go completely paperless and track all of your facility’s daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks from one platform! Work at multiple locations? No problem. Your tasks will be there waiting when you select your new location.


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