Quality control logs

Monitor Your Quality.
Improve Your Patient Care.

Digitize your Quality Control Logs through our platform so you can start tracking performance across all locations.
have mulitple locations?

No problem.

Track all of your medical equipment, data, and tasks throughout each facility with the ability to store all information on devices.

Take your office task management to the next level.

Cloud-Based Logs

QC Logs are stored in the cloud, so they are accessible anywhere and at any time. You can access logs at multiple locations and every entry is timestamped and employee initialed.

Customizable Logs

During the onboarding process, we take your paper logs and build out the platform based on your needs. Customize the look and feel of your digital logs based on your standards and existing processes in place.

No more paper, No more mistakes

By going from paper to electronic, managers will be able to work more effectively and efficiently as well as track all QC logs as they are completed.


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