As a continuing effort to provide the highest quality of care, UptimeHealth announced today its official partnership with Dental Health Products, Inc. (DHP).

– UptimeHealth, the leading provider of innovative healthcare facility management solutions, is pleased to announce its official partnership with DHP, a nationally ranked dental supply distributor. This collaboration aims to enhance dental professionals' access to critical supplies and equipment, further improving the quality of patient care.

This strategic partnership between UptimeHealth and DHP will create synergies between the two companies, enabling them to better serve the community. By combining UptimeHealth's expertise in equipment management solutions with DHP’s catalog of supplies, equipment sales and repair services, dental professionals will have enhanced access to advanced analytics and service events for their state-of-the-art equipment.

"This partnership signifies a major milestone for UptimeHealth and DHP, solidifying our shared dedication to fostering innovation in the healthcare industry," says Jinesh Patel, Co-Founder, and CEO of UptimeHealth. "By joining forces, we will actively pursue new collaborative opportunities and develop solutions that empower dental professionals with enhanced capabilities, equipment, and tracking, ultimately raising the bar for patient care."
“Working with UpTimeHealth gives DHP another value-added dental business solution for our clients.  Large and small clients can benefit from UpTimeHealth’s services”, states Steve Desautel, Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Together, DHP and UptimeHealth will empower dental professionals to save time, money, and reduce stress by maximizing efficiency and mitigating compliance-related risks, ultimately elevating the standards of healthcare delivery.

About UptimeHealth:

UptimeHealth is a revolutionary company that is transforming the way medical equipment is maintained and facilities are managed. By offering comprehensive solutions for device connectivity, management, compliance tracking, ongoing support, and advanced analytics, UptimeHealth empowers healthcare facilities to optimize their medical equipment performance. With a focus on reducing downtime and increasing revenue, UptimeHealth's innovative approach has positioned the company as a game-changer in the field of healthcare facility management. Learn more at uptimehealth.com

About DHP:

DHP  is a nationally ranked, family-owned dental supply distributor that has been supporting independent dentists with quality products, equipment, and innovative solutions for over 30 years. With eight locations and two distribution centers across the United States, DHP  is dedicated to providing personalized and timely solutions to healthcare partners, enabling them to exceed their goals and their patients' expectations. With an extensive catalog of over 80,000 products from more than 550 manufacturers, DHP offers healthcare professionals a comprehensive range of supplies and equipment. Learn more at www.dhpsupply.com.

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