Store all of your equipment in one place.

Manage your equipment, stay compliant, and find a technician.
manage work orders

Never let your equipment go unnoticed.

Check the status of your work orders without having to wait on hold.
Request Service Events: The platform allows you to open a work order and submit a service request with your technician.
Communicate with Technician: Use our chat-box feature to receive real time updates on your service request.
Description of Service: Provide your technician with full description of issue, criticality of repair, type of service requested and more!
Technician Access: Sign up your team of technicians for FREE and they will have access to all of your devices per location and notify you as new updates are made.
Data Storage: All previous work orders are stored in the platform via the cloud for your team to access at any time.
Notifications: Receive alerts and updates on your work orders in real-time.
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Get real-time data on your devices.

Access to Device Data & Cost of Repairs

Each device will have access to the Device Up Time, Maintenance Cost, Work Order Cost, Device Status, Recycle Cost, Device Life (in years). All of the data collected will improve the depreciation calculations.

Device Maintenance Data

Increase your up time by ensuring your devices are being maintained. Utilize device maintenance data to help you determine the best approach for supporting your devices.

Depreciation Calculator

Pull reports on all devices to assess your current equipment and notify you of Purchase Cost/Year, Work Order cost (last 5 years), Remaining Depreciation Value, and Repair/Replace Recommendation.
marketplace of technicians

Find Your Technician

Technicians not available when you need them? Access UptimeHealth’s marketplace of vetted technicians to find someone in your area.
Negotiate pricing and view qualifications and certifications for technicians before hiring them.
View Coverage Map, Availability, Devices they service, and pricing structure
Book the technician and pay directly through the platform
Like the work they completed? Add them to your profile as a preferred technician that you can utilize in the future
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