Improving dialysis compliance documentation.

Go digital to ensure staff efficiency and accountability.

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Inventory tracking made simple.

UptimeHealth makes it easy to track your inventory and assets across multiple locations. Whether you are a large hospital or small center, we will simplify the way you manage your devices.
Manage Vendor and Equipment Contracts
All vendor contracts & manufacturer guidelines can be stored in each device profile.
Direct Communication with Technicians
Directly connect with technicians using our work order system for a complete repair experience.
Your Data, Your Reports.
Not sure what reports to run? No problem. Our auto-generated reports use real-time data and can be filtered based on your needs.

From error to insight in minutes.

Using our logging platform will help you stay organized and in compliance with your regulatory body.

Save time, prevent risk and provide better care using our Quality-Control Logging system.

Receive alerts and nudges for incomplete tasks.

Pull reports on all devices for management and C-Suite leaders to visualize compliance efforts.

"Definitely made my job easier and the team at UptimeHealth has been responsive and accommodating of all my needs." - Trace C.

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