A smart solution for all your device management needs.

Take a proactive approach to managing your dental equipment and tasks with real-time dashboards that connect you to the data you need.

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Excel sheets and google docs are just silos of data.

Manually creating reports that just sit on your computer isn't going to work anymore. Get complete oversight of all connected devices from a single platform.

When was the last time a device went down?

Working on a piece of equipment without a preventative maintenance service is like driving a car without an oil change. Your car eventually stops and falls apart, just like the equipment in your practice. Be proactive with UptimeHealth.

Your technician is on the way.

Get access to a network of highly specialized technicians in your area so that you don't have to go searching for a post-it from 2007 with your technicians name on it.

Have multiple locations? Even better.

Track all of your medical equipment, data, and tasks throughout each facility with the ability to store all information on devices.

Track your devices while you're in line grabbing a coffee.

Know which location is running smoothly, and those that need more attention.

Tired of wasting your day off waiting at a remote location for an appointment with the technician? Now you can simply book it online.

Devise the best compliance strategy with one centralized, robust solution.

Staying compliant doesn't have to be a headache.

Your spreadsheets won't tell you that you're ready, we will
Leverage the power of our task platform to set alert systems, generate reports and conduct manual audits as needed to maintain compliance.
Auto-generated Reports
Reports are automatically generated and available to you upon repair completion. Powerful search functions allow you to drill down by equipment type, technician, customer, and department.
Be proactive rather than reactive
Improve your device utilization and reduce preventable downtime. Quickly search and track down your devices, schedule service events and set reminders.

Drop your spreadsheets in the trash. Your desktop will thank you.

Learn how UptimeHealth can help take your business to the next level.

Ready to run your practice like a well-oiled machine?

Gain access to actionable data to increase operational efficiencies and tap into the largest network of qualified technicians to support your devices.

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