Welcome Holly Martin

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Welcome Holly Martin
-UptimeHealth's New Advisor

We are pleased to announce that we have a new advisor here at UptimeHealth.

Holly Martin is the Strategic Account Manager at Solmetex, LLC. She is responsible for training dental staff and office dealers on amalgam waste regulations, including proper storage containers and methods. Holly's passion for the dental industry and her eagerness to maintain regulatory compliance in the dental industry makes her a valuable asset to UptimeHealth!

The Uptime Heath platform solves the problem of tracking equipment maintenance schedules and  the accountability of performing these tasks with tracking and push notices When I saw the demo at AADOM, I had to get involved. I'm proud to be partnering with Uptime Health In their expansion into the dental market.

–Holly Martin, Strategic Account Manager | Solmetex, LLC.

“We're thrilled to have Holly as part of our team. She will help us grow by advising us on how to better serve the dental industry. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with her.”

–Taylor Dunn, UptimeHealth Director of Strategic Growth

Holly has already proven to be a valuable resource, and we look forward to our continued collaboration.

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