UptimeHealth Partners with Apex Reimbursement Specialists

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Apex Reimbursement Specialists provides Dental Practices with the resources and education needed to increase revenue and reduce unnecessary expenses. The Apex process is a multi-step analysis that includes assistance to improve your dental practice from front desk protocols and staff training, to fee schedules (UCR), carrier selection, fee negotiation, credentialing and contract management to achieve maximum financial gain.

This partnership between UptimeHealth and Apex Reimbursement will help ensure that dental practices and practice owners have the tools they need to make an informed decision and successfully navigate their financial obligations.

"For many years, we've heard our clients lose valuable production downtime when their equipment breaks down and lack of preparation and management when that happens. After reviewing the capabilities and solutions UptimeHealth offers solo dental practices and DSO's, we are excited to recommend them! Dentists are under tremendous cost and profit pressure from many sources. Unexpected downtime suffered from equipment issues doesn't have to be one of them!"
- Harold Gornbein, Apex Reimbursement Specialists

We could not be more excited to jumpstart this new partnership and offer these combined services. Apex Reimbursement Specialists is one of the leading experts in dental reimbursement, and having their support will ensure that our clients have all the information they need to make important financial decisions. We look forward to working together with Apex Reimbursement Specialists to continually improve our service offerings here at UptimeHealth.

For more information please visit: or visit to learn more.

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