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The Positive Impact Automating Equipment Management Has On Your Dental Team

You must stay on top of modern technology and equipment to keep your dental practice running smoothly as a dental practice. UptimeHealth is proud to offer economical and comprehensive compliance software that will result in operational efficiencies. Specifically, adding an automated equipment management system into your routine is incredibly beneficial for your team and training. Below, our team shares the positive impact that automating equipment management has on your dental team.

Maintain High-Levels of Organization

Automated equipment management systems allow your team to stay highly organized. By tracking all medical equipment expenses in one place, your team can operate smoother. Additionally, this service automatically knows if your equipment is up-to-date. It can automatically book equipment maintenance services for you, taking that aspect away from your busy team. Of course, UptimeHealth ensures all levels of compliance, ensuring that you are always up-to-code.

Reduce Untimely Breakdowns

Because UptimeHealth knows when your equipment is ahead or in need of maintenance, it also works to reduce untimely breakdowns. As a dental practice, there is nothing worse than utilizing equipment that isn’t working correctly when you need it most. By implementing a system that automatically schedules maintenance or service and notifies you when you may need a replacement item, your practice can extend the lives of their technology. This creates a smoother, happier environment for all members of your team, alleviating the stress that comes with technology breakdowns.

Put Money Towards Other Areas of Your Practice

Because this system helps avoid breakdowns by implementing regular maintenance, dental practices can save money. Tons of money is spent each year at dental procedures on equipment, breakdowns, and repairs, and of course, unfortunate replacements. However, when an automated equipment management system is doing the maintenance work for you, there isn’t room for human error. In turn, your practice will save money on these potential repairs and breakdowns. This allows dental practitioners to save money, creating an opportunity to put money elsewhere within the practice. From bonuses to team bonding sessions to updated office areas, the opportunities are endless when moving money around in your practice.

Easily Find Equipment You Need

Our service allows for your practice to easily find equipment that your team may need. In our search section, we have data of equipment of all kinds. We allow our users to search for each piece of equipment by device location, manufacturer, model, category, manager, and next service date.   This creates a smoother, easier process for your dental practice to get the items that they need without having a long, tedious search.

Increased Communication

One of the most important aspects of any dental practice is communication, and UptimeHealth allows for maximum communication amongst your team. With our automated equipment management system, your team can easily communicate with your equipment’s service vendors quickly and efficiently. Additionally, increased communication is inevitable, with all budgetary reports and equipment expenses easily accessible to the team. There is nothing better than having the entire team access all of the essential documents and reports at their fingertips, eliminating the need to shift through paper files and old equipment orders.

Reduce the Workload On Your Team

Lastly, one of the best benefits of equipment management systems is reducing the workload on your team. Removing all paper-based processes from your healthcare institution just naturally frees up time. By simplifying documentation control and keeping your equipment functioning longer, your team has more time to focus on other essential aspects of your dental practice.  When it comes down to it, there is nothing more important than having a happy staff that isn’t overworked. A happier staff almost always coincides with a smoother operation, and by freeing up time for your employees, you are guaranteed to have a happier staff focused on other important aspects of your practice.

Add Automated Equipment Management To Your Dental Practice

At UptimeHealth, our fast-growing software business enables dentists to positively impact the lives of their team members through automated equipment management. By maintaining high levels of the organization, reducing breakdowns, saving money, increasing communication, and finally, reducing the workload on your team, your dental practice will run smoother. Contact us today to learn more about implementing an automated equipment management system in your dental practice.

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