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Increasing Adherence and Satisfaction with Provider-focused Technology

Health technologies today are innumerable, so how do you know that you've found the best one? UptimeHealth is a new-age health technology that is looking to help you provide the best care possible for your patients and improve efficiency for your team members. 

Health Technology

Health Technology has become an increasingly prevalent aspect of our current healthcare system. More people are using technology to provide and assist in healthcare services. Technologies that are often used in the healthcare system can improve productivity, give new insights into treatments, and improve the overall quality of care.

There are many different forms of healthcare technology. There are infrastructures built on the development of aid in the research of treatments and medicines, and there is also technology that helps to keep patient information protected. 

Some technology is even used in the delivery of care itself. Platforms like and Amwell are used to provide telehealth appointments for patients to receive care virtually. 

Health technology can be incredibly valuable for patients and providers. Many telehealth sites and various health technologies tend to be patient-oriented. This can help patients better access care from remote conditions and can make accessing care easier. It can even make healthcare more affordable for patients. 

While making healthcare more easily accessible and affordable for patients can be invaluable to ensuring that they receive the care they need, it is important to make sure that providers can administer the best services they can with all of this new technology available.


What Is UptimeHealth?

UptimeHealth is one of the latest health technologies that was developed to help you and your team provide the best possible care to your patients. UptimeHealth is a service that provides and simplifies the processes around medical device service events, purchases, and compliance. This is done through the automation of several different services and predictive analytics.

For administrators and operators, UptimeHealth is a wonderful service. With an easy-to-use platform, UptimeHealth can help you manage compliance, increase your operational efficiency, and introduce you to a world of different technicians that can help keep your equipment running so you can continue to see patients. All of this is done through any device that has access to an internet connection!

UptimeHealth and Workflow

One of UptimeHealth's biggest benefits is its impact on workflow. UptimeHealth can increase adherence and adaptation to different workflow patterns. This is done through UptimeHealth's provider-focused platform and uses technology to better help you and your team get through even the most difficult of situations. 

Going Digital

One of the best ways that UptimeHealth can help you adapt so quickly to new situations is by going digital. Going digital gives you an incredible amount of benefits, particularly when combined with the equipment management of UptimeHealth's workflow automation. 

Going digital allows you to manage all of your different devices at once through a device dashboard. It also allows you to request service events from different vendors and technicians with the click of a button rather than waiting on hold for extended amounts of time to get your devices checked out. 

Digitization also allows for the auto-generation of reports and gathering of device data. The reporting functionality makes sure that you can always pull accurate reports for inspections and maintenance. It can also help you generate reports on downtime, overall maintenance costs and pulls in things like purchase cost, year and device use to calculate a repair vs. replace analysis so you’re making an educated financial decision the next time that device goes down.  With the information the platform is collecting, your team will be able to make the most cost-effective decisions and no longer listen to opinions or guesses—it’s all in the data. 

Manage Work Orders

UptimeHealth makes sure that you can provide the best quality of care by managing the work orders on your equipment as well. 

The platform allows you to request service, preventative maintenance, and communicate directly with your technicians for any of your devices. Just think, if a device goes down, you don’t have to scramble to find the piece of paper with your technicians name and number on it. You can pull out your mobile device and directly request a repair on the spot. 

Your technicians will have access to their own portal to communicate with you and update the status of your devices as it’s happening. They will be able to notify you as changes are made and you will be able to provide them with a description of the issue right on the platform. This makes communication around various devices easier as you and the technician can see all of the communications and there is less going through other parties. 

Final Thoughts

Helping you provide the best quality of service that you can is at the top of the priority list for the health technology company, UptimeHealth. UptimeHealth allows you to adjust and adapt to your workflow so you can focus on providing a greater quality of care to your patients, increasing patient satisfaction. Not only are you improving care, but adapting to the innovative times and providing your team with a resource to help keep them efficient and improving their device uptime. 

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