A better way to operate your surgery center.

Effortlessly manage your surgery center's checklists, equipment, and inventory with UptimeHealth.

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Never worry about equipment maintenance again.

Preventive Maintenance
Accrediting bodies recommend that a planned maintenance check is scheduled annually. Let UptimeHealth take care of that for you.
Maintain Your Devices
Pull reports on equipment at each location at any time to provide a history of your planned maintenance on equipment and repairs.
Technician Marketplace
Need a new technician? Access the first of it’s kind, technician marketplace where vetted technicians in your area can be booked online.
Improve your visibility
Use all of this device data to show you depreciation, forecast budgets on equipment spending and understand when you can expect to replace your equipment.

Have multiple locations? Even better.

Track all of your medical equipment, data, and tasks throughout each facility with the ability to store all information on devices.

Track your devices while you're in line grabbing a coffee.

Know which location is running smoothly, and those that need more attention.

Tired of wasting your day off waiting at a remote location for an appointment with the technician? Now you can simply book it online.

Drop your spreadsheets in the trash.
Your desktop will thank you.

Learn how UptimeHealth can help take your business to the next level.